LOW ON HIGH is a punkoid duo featuring JON MORITSUGU on guitar and vocals with his wife/artstar AMY DAVIS on bass and vocals in a full-on blitzkrieg of skuzzy, drippy, riff-drenched, feedback-damaged ROCK. Davis is daughter of jazz great Mel Davis, and the band has existed in some form since the early 1990’s. Live shows have been with Deerhoof, The Gossip, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and many others. Originally hailing from San Francisco, the noisy two-piece has released several recordings including a 7″, 2 albums, and tunes on several compilations/soundtracks. After more than a decade in California, Moritsugu and Davis moved further west, relocating to Honolulu. There they were voted “Best Local Band” at the end of 2005 by The Honolulu Weekly reader’s poll. Then they got evicted. After spending a few years in the gloomy Pacific Northwest and being picked up by an upstart Seattle label that subsequently imploded, LOW ON HIGH moved to the New Mexico desert. Their newest release is a 9-song EP called “Ice Cream Sex,” recorded at Frogville in Santa Fe.
LOH is still using its sonic fearlessness and lightning-bolt angst to bore new and interesting holes into my dented, earworm-riddled cranium. Ice Cream Sex packs the guitar punch-crunch of a Germs or Flipper album and the vocal sneer and scream of a low-fi Sleater-Kinney garage show. Moritsugu and Davis work fuzz-inflected magic over their respective strings, and Davis’ powerful screech-enabled voice wails like a dog whistle strong enough to be heard by drooling gutter punks on the other side of the globe. Moritsugu chimes in now and again with some gritty vocal backup. I swear, that man is possessed. And the music world is so much better for it.”
-PASATIEMPO (Santa Fe), Rob DeWalt, 4-26-2013

“DIY and free spirited, LOW ON HIGH is very reminiscent of early ’90s lo-fi pop rawk, and inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth, Jesus And Mary Chain and grrrl punk. Noisy distorted tunes with a candy crunch core and glamor puss accessories.”
-AQUARIUS RECORDS (San Francisco), May 2012

“Washed-out guitars and raw drums seem to have descended from the prettier Velvet Underground songs, with Amy’s dulcet voice contrasting sweetly with the din. Fans of her caustic appearances in films will be surprised by her disarmingly sweet vocals, which appear totally void of sarcasm in selections like the jangly “Crush” and the fuzzed-out “Splendid Things.” In a twist, it’s Jon who provides most of the anger and psychosis, channeling his inner Gibby Haynes in “Why Are You.” ”
-GIANT ROBOT (Los Angeles), April 2010

“Blending the crunchy-scratchy guitar atmosphere of a good Bikini Kill vinyl album with elements of ’80s hardcore punk, New Wave, Siouxie Sioux, Cibo Matto, Joy Division, and The Breeders, LOH is the musical equivalent of a hyperative child born to postmodernist author Kathy Acker but raised in the Hotel Chelsea by Romeo Void and The Melvins”
-PASATIEMPO Soundwaves (Santa Fe), 3-12-2010

“Scumrock excellence.”
-ALIBI (Albuquerque), 3-11-2010

“A punkoid duo more blisspop than scumrock but skuzzy all the same.”

3-24-2017 Tommy’s Place (USC), Los Angeles (w/ SISU)
7-5-2016 Skylight, Santa Fe
4-26-2013 Betterday, Santa Fe (w/ Gynormica, Alamo Sun, Lady Gloves, Product Division)
3-9-2013 Township, Chicago
7-10-2012 Underground, Santa Fe (w/ Venus Bogardus)
3-16-2012 SXSF, Santa Fe
8-27-2011 Launchpad, ABQ (w/ Manby’s Head (DMZ))
3-14-2011 Corazon, Santa Fe (w/ Venus Bogardus, Dirty Water, Rainbow Arabia)
7-8-2005 Next Door, Honolulu (w/ The Goners (Dirty Beaches))
3-5-2005 Club Pauahi, Honolulu (w/ Deerhoof)
3-3-2005 Campus Center Ballroom, Honolulu (w/ Deerhoof)
3-10-2002 Cafe du Nord, San Francisco (w/ Mr. Nobu, Mia Doi Todd, Wysall Lane (Versus))
12-13-2001 Kimo’s, San Francisco
8-9-2001 Moxie’s, Chico, CA (w/ The Mollybolts)
8-7-2001 Stork Club, Oakland (w/ The Mollybolts + Kill Me Tomorrow)
8-5-2001 Kimo’s, San Francisco (w/ The Gossip + The Mollybolts)
1-23-1999 Giant Robot, Los Angeles
12-21-1998 live KSCU radio, Santa Clara, CA
9-4-1998 Purple Onion, San Francisco
8-1-1998 Purple Onion, San Francisco

2013 “Ice Cream Sex” 9-song EP, Apathy Productions. Produced by Jason Reed, recorded at Frogville, Santa Fe.
2009 “Low On High” 13-song LP, Apathy Productions. Produced by LOW ON HIGH, mixed by Erik Blood.
2009 COMPILATION “Lausanne Underground Film Festival Audio Enforcer Vol. 2.” Includes song “I Dunno” and tracks by Skullflower and others.
2003 “Scumrock” original motion picture soundtrack (CD), New York City Records, performed under band name “Toni Ann.” Includes 2 songs and tracks by J-Church, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Mel Davis and others.
1997 “Fame Whore” original motion picture soundtrack (LP + CD), New York City Records, performed under band name “Dixieland.” Includes 3 songs and tracks by Dub Narcotic Sound System, Emily’s Sassy Lime, Mel Davis, Barbara Manning and others.
1994 “Babydoll” b/w “Why Are You” 7″ single (pressing of 1000), New York City Records, performed under band name “Dixieland.”
1993 “Mod Fuck Explosion” original motion picture soundtrack split LP with Unrest (white vinyl pressing of 2000), Ballpeen Records, performed under band name “Karyo Tengoku.”

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