“MOD FUCK features at least one scene never before attempted on film: a dream sequence set in a meat garden constructed from over 800 pounds of rotting flesh. “It was hellacious,” said executive producer Marcus Hu. “The stench was so bad the crew members wore gas masks, but the scene was completed and the dailies were extraordinary.” -FILMMAKER

Product Description

DVD (playable in all regions) includes 67 minute movie + 12 minutes of outtakes and deleted scenes

Blonde teenage posturing, Japanese biker freak-out, backstabbing mods, pretty poseurs, pills, petty crimes, leather jackets, and more.

“MOD FUCK EXPLOSION, a real discovery, is a dynamic punk odyssey of a pair of innocent teens adrift in a violent urban world; Moritsugu unleashes a barrage of powerful images and hard-driving music.” – LOS ANGELES TIMES

“MOD demands to be seen with its flash-and-trash attitude… all the ingredients of good revolutionary cinema.” – NEW YORK POST

BEST FEATURE AWARD – New York Underground Film Festival + Honolulu Underground Film Festival

MUSIC BY: Unrest, Karyo Tengoku, American Soul Spiders, SF Seals, Dixieland.