Comprised of over 15 years of tuneage, this is LOW ON HIGH's numero uno album. Produced by Erik Blood for a hit-making, upstart Seattle label which subsequently imploded, these recordings genuinely capture the raw, riffy, beautiful noise that defines this totally wasted duo.

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41 minute CD, 14 tracks, 2009

“DIY and free spirited, LOW ON HIGH is very reminiscent of early ’90s lo-fi pop rawk, and inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth, Jesus And Mary Chain and grrrl punk. Noisy distorted tunes with a candy crunch core and glamor puss accessories.” – AQUARIUS RECORDS

“Washed-out guitars and raw drums seem to have descended from the prettier Velvet Underground songs, with Amy’s dulcet voice contrasting sweetly with the din. Fans of her caustic appearances in films will be surprised by her disarmingly sweet vocals, which appear totally void of sarcasm in selections like the jangly “Crush” and the fuzzed-out “Splendid Things.” In a twist, it’s Jon who provides most of the anger and psychosis, channeling his inner Gibby Haynes in “Why Are You.” “ – GIANT ROBOT (Los Angeles)

“Blending the crunchy-scratchy guitar atmosphere of a good Bikini Kill vinyl album with elements of ’80s hardcore punk, New Wave, Siouxie Sioux, Cibo Matto, Joy Division, and The Breeders, LOH is the musical equivalent of a hyperative child born to postmodernist author Kathy Acker but raised in the Hotel Chelsea by Romeo Void and The Melvins” – PASATIEMPO

“Scumrock excellence.” – ALIBI (Albuquerque)

“A punkoid duo more blisspop than scumrock but skuzzy all the same.” – LADY FEST HAWAII