Thee sophomore album, this was recorded in totally high-end fidelity at Frogville Studios over 3 bleak winter days. Pummeling, head-crushing sonic mayhem collide with the signature LOW ON HIGH candy kreme to create a dialectic SKUZZ of stadium rockin', fever-dream scumrock.

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25 minute CD, 9 tracks, 2013

“LOH is still using its sonic fearlessness and lightning-bolt angst to bore new and interesting holes into my dented, earworm-riddled cranium. Ice Cream Sex packs the guitar punch-crunch of a Germs or Flipper album and the vocal sneer and scream of a low-fi Sleater-Kinney garage show. Moritsugu and Davis work fuzz-inflected magic over their respective strings, and Davis’ powerful screech-enabled voice wails like a dog whistle strong enough to be heard by drooling gutter punks on the other side of the globe. Moritsugu chimes in now and again with some gritty vocal backup. I swear, that man is possessed. And the music world is so much better for it.” – PASATIEMPO